In most cases, we respond to your request within 4 hours, and most LED sign repairs are complete within 24 to 48 hours. 87% of cases are resolved during the first visit.

We store many common replacement parts in our warehouses, giving us immediate access to inventory. Additionally, manufacturers acknowledge our industry-leading status and give us preference when restocking replacement parts. When no third-party components are available, we conduct in-house repairs.

OneLite will have your LED billboard back in business in record time!

Something has gone wrong with your LED billboard. It's not showing ads. You’re not advertising your product, you're not making any money, and you're racking up costs.

Meet OneLite. Unlike traditional sign repair companies, we specialize exclusively in LED billboard repairs. We provide rapid response times; trained, expert technicians; and first-class customer care. With over a decade of experience working on most LED brands and products on the market, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we have the repair history to prove it. 

Your billboard is fixed faster.

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am. The last company made a mess of my billboard's wiring and it never worked right. Your man fixed it and now it works!"

Hank S. - Marketing Executive
Nashville, Tennessee


​"How do you get a truck out at my sign before I even know its offline? You're going to put me out of a job if you keep this up!"

Frank H. - Maintenance Manager
Vancouver, British Columbia

When you call OneLite, you gain repair times averaging twice as fast as standard industry providers, extended screen life for your LED billboard, and up to 97% reliability.

A shorter route between a broken screen and one that's making you money

It's called ONELITE

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Our technicians are experts in LED billboard repair, and they handle only LED billboards, all day long. We've repaired over 300 screens from 19 separate manufacturers. Only 2.5% of our clients experience any repeat problems. Here's what some of our clients had to say:

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ONELITE has a coast-to-coast presence and regional offices across the U.S. and Canada. We offer express repairs in case of emergencies and 24/7 telephone support. All ONELITE repair jobs are backed by our complete, no-questions-asked 90-day warranty on labor, and a six-month warranty on parts. (We also offer you extended warranties and service contracts).

ONELITE strives to be the most reliable, most economical, and fastest way to get your LED billboard back to good working order. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to provide a quote on your billboard repair.

Fill out the form below NOW and receive a 50% discount on the service contract for one year AND a FREE screen diagnosis. That’s a minimum total value of $1,300 (available only when entering a two years contract).


The expertize of our technicians, the manufacturer relationships, and comprehensive parts inventory all add up to lower labor and parts costs for you.  And with flexible service plans available, we can help you minimize lost revenue due to outages.

We fix your LED billboard right the first time, saving you the headache of ongoing, costly repairs.


Fill out the form below, and we’ll make sure
​your LED billboard is making money again in no time.

Your digital billboard is fixed for less.

OneLite specializes exclusively in LED billboard repair and maintenance. We don’t repair neon signs, back-lit signs and we don’t touch vinyl billboards. We focus our 10 years of  knowledge and experience on servicing only digital LED screens.

​Why does that matter to you?

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When you select OneLite, you receive productivity tools and performance metrics that can help you manage, monitor and evaluate the return on your assets.

Avoid Costly Mistakes. Call 905.901.1900

With proper care and equipment selection you can expect less than one hour downtime over the first 5 years

When you choose OneLite, you access 10 years of field service knowledge and experience working with more than 50 LED manufacturers and products worldwide.

LED Screens Field Repairs

Operating as Keen Projection Media (KPM) Ltd.

"That was quick. I sent you my details on your site, and within hours you had a crew out at my sign and it's working again. Great  work!"

Justin V. - Billboard Operator
Niagara Falls, Ontario

A Little Secret Most Sign Repair Companies Hope You Never  Find Out

Your  LED billboard is fixed properly.