• Spend up to 90% of their time on traditional signs, neon, vinyl displays and lighting
  • Unfamiliar with the complexity and multitude of LED products and suppliers
  • Rely on third parties like us for  engineering  and tech support
  • Distant relationships with OEMs for parts refurbishment, supply and service
  • Limited industry knowledge on upcoming technologies and how to support them
  • Charge minimum 4 hours or more for each service call

Extra Value

ONELITE works exclusively with digital LED signage, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the environment that sign owners and operators work in. In addition to repairing your billboard swiftly, we offer the following extras:​

  • Identify any of non-compliances with local bylaws that you sign may have, and present you with solutions so that you can avoid exposure to the risk of penalties.
  • Assist you with permit renewals.
  • Store many common replacement parts in our warehouses, allowing for immediate stock availability.
  • Source third party components when OEM parts are unavailable, and when no third party components are available we conduct in-house repairs.
  • Provide you with a yearly repair profile, including analytics, repair history, response time, out of service time, cost and more.
  • Provide an unbiased comparison between all the LED manufacturers and screen models in our repair network.
  • Develop a plan to optimize and maximize the operational lifespan of your screen, so as to avoid premature replacement costs.
  • Assist you with planning the replacement of your existing screen and advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the available equipment options.
  • Provide 24/7  remote support for setup and troubleshooting.

Maintenance on a building side
LED sign in Calgary, Alberta.


​​ONELITE Canada:
3909 Nashua Dr.,
Mississauga, ON L4V 1P3


Fixing of incorrect wiring for LED display
boards in Niagara Falls,  Ontario.

Emergency repairs being conducted on a roadside LED sign in Nashville, TN.


  • 100% focus on servicing indoor/outdoor LED screens
  • OEM-certified local service reps
  • Access to wide inventory of spare parts  ready for use
  • Global network of LED technology partners to access when needed
  • One-stop-shop for permits, design, supply, install and service
  • 10 yrs of repair history to prove what works and what doesn't
  • Access to innovative technologies to increase productivity and profits
  • Charge the exact time it takes to complete the job
  • Use equalization to balance service cost
cases resolved
resolved at first visit
repeat problems
registered LED screens

Investigating a malfunctioning roadside
LED ​billboard in Newark, NY.

​Reduced Downtime

For some clients who use our maintenance services, signage outage is a rare but sometimes unavoidable occurrence. When issues do arise, our service representatives are standing by to respond rapidly to component failures and breakdowns. We work urgently and with expert diligence to bring your signage back online. 

Why Us?

We work on more than 50 OEM LED screen brands

Extended Lifespan and Improved Reliability

ONELITE's LED billboard repairs and preventive maintenance services can extend the lifespan of your screens by up to 5 years. Our regular maintenance includes pro-actively monitoring billboards and responding to malfunctioning components before they fail. ONELITE works exclusively in the field of maintaining and repairing digital LED signage. Accordingly, our service representatives are industry leading, specialized experts in this field. Their experience and attention to detail keeps all components in good working order and prevents downtime. 

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Our Services

The fastest route between your problem and a long lasting fix

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These are the most recognized brands that our technicians have worked on

Workshop technicians running diagnostic tests on a piece of repaired equipment.

LED Screens Field Repairs

Operating as Keen Projection Media (KPM) Ltd.

​193 Polk Ave,
​Nashville, TN 37210

LED Billboard Repairs

If your billboard breaks down, it is not generating revenue! Plus, hasty repairs by un-specialized contractors can further damage the installed equipment and make matters worse. ONELITE works exclusively in digital LED billboard and signage maintenance and repairs and we are unsurpassed in the field. No matter how urgent the repair or how severe the damage, ONELITE will have your digital LED billboard repaired faster and working longer.

​Improved Profitability

By using ONELITE's services and extending the lifespan of your signage, you minimize lost revenue due to outages. Because of our specialized care, our clients see measurable improvements in their investment return.